HUAWEI AppGallery Connect Cloud Storage provides maintenance-free cloud storage functions.

Recently, the Cloud Storage Node.js SDK for server integration has been released. I’ve been using it for a while. You can also access the sample code on GitHub.

1. Configuring the Environment and Version Information

Version:cloudstorage-server”: “1.0.0”

Environment:Window-Node -v14.15.0,npm v6.14.8,Visual Studio Code

Test Device:PC

cloudstorage-server”: “1.0.0”

AppGallery Connect:

SDK version: agconnect/cloudstorage-server”: “1.0.0”

SDK integration command: npm install — save @agconnect/cloudstorage-server

2. Enabling and Configuring Cloud Storage in AppGallery Connect

Currently, Cloud Storage is still in beta testing. To use the service, you’ll first need to send an application by email. For details, visit the following address:

Create an app first and add it to…


My app submitted for review was rejected by Huawei

because the “serviceCatalog:X6” error was discovered for payments. I have checked my test environment by referring to the guide: connected to Wi-Fi, used Android and EMUI versions complying with the specifications, and used the environment in English.
Handling suggestions: Change the value of serviceCatalog so it is the same as the app category, and do not use the X6 value for your app.


  • Check whether you have called the GetBuyIntentWithPrice API. If so, check the value of serviceCatalog based on this material.

Note: The GetBuyIntentWithPrice API has been brought offline, so…


After my game integrated with HMS Core capabilities was submitted for review, it was rejected by Huawei due to an incorrect merchant name.

Handling suggestion: Change the merchant name of the recipient in the payment order. When creating an order, ensure that the merchant name (specified by the merchantName parameter) is the same as your company name or the name of your agent.


  • used the pay API of the IAP SDK (version 2.x).
  • then checked the value of merchantName based on the review description, and found a mistake in my code.

The information here matches the parameter in the code.

After I changed the value and submitted my game for review again, the problem is solved.


  • Can an HTML5 web page use the device API of a quick app to obtain device information?
  • Can an HTML5 quick app integrate ad capabilities? …

There are a lot of similar questions along these lines, and I’ll give you a simple answer: Yes, you can. Of course, an HTML5 web page cannot call standard APIs of quick apps, but quick apps can. Can the information obtained by quick apps be passed to web pages? The answer is also yes. The quick app framework provides a two-way communication between quick apps and web pages. …

My app has recently needed to use cross-platform sharing links and fortunately App Linking in AppGallery Connect exactly meets my requirements.

Perform the following steps for service integration:

i. Create an app and enable App Linking for the app.

ii. Create a URL prefix.

iii. Integrate the App Linking SDK into the Xcode project.

iv. Create a link of App Linking.

v. Receive and test the link.

1. Creating an App and Enabling App Linking for the App

Create an app or use an existing app in AppGallery Connect. Click My projects and go to Grow > App Linking, and click Enable now in the displayed page.

Go to My projects


After my app is submitted for review, it is rejected by Huawei due to the checkAppUpdate API not having been called.

Analysis & Solution

1. Check whether the checkAppUpdate API has been called, by referring to the following documents:

2. Check whether the obfuscation file configuration meets the document requirements.

3. You are advised not to perform operations such as secondary encapsulation, hardening, and log output restriction on the APK submitted for review.

4. Set debuggable in the AndroidManifest.xml file to true during APK packaging.

5. Record the keyword UpdateSDK version is: xxx in logs if log filter is required. When an app is under review, this keyword is checked to determine whether the checkAppUpdate API is called.


When I submitted my app to AppGallery Connect for self-check, the following message was displayed:

MAJOR:22: Integrate the version update API (checkUpdate). If you already integrate the API, check whether the HMS SDK code is obfuscated in the configuration file. For details about how to modify the configuration file, visit


To determine the reason for integrating the API, I submitted a ticket to Huawei technical support in the following link:

I was told that this API is required for joint operations games and apps for which HUAWEI AppGallery Connect Distribution Service Agreement For Paid Apps is signed. …


A game I submitted for review is rejected because the HMS Core (APK) update pop-up displays repeatedly.

Log Analysis

I contacted Huawei operations personnel and obtained the following error log:

E/HMSSDK_X509CertUtil(11044): Not include alias 052root

E/HMSSDK_X509CertUtil(11044): rootCert is null,verify failed

E/HMSSDK_HMSPackageManager(11044): failed to verify cert chain

E/HMSSDK_HMSPackageManager(11044): checkSinger failed

E/HMSSDK_HMSPackageManager(11044): Failed to find HMS apk

I/HMSSDK_AvailableAdapter(11044): HMS is not installed

It appeared that the problem had nothing to do with my code, so I contacted Huawei technical support for help.

I was told that the cause is that the hmsrootcas.bks


While developing a card, I used a pseudo-class for a component to implement a color changing effect. However, the color cannot be restored.

For example, the original background color was as follows.

This figure shows the new background color after using the pseudo-class.


My project has integrated HUAWEI IAP and other services using the HMS Core SDK 4.x. However, the app is rejected during Huawei app review, for an update pop-up cannot be displayed on a mobile phone with HMS Core (APK) 2.5.3 or earlier.

Problem Reoccurrence

On a Huawei mobile phone, I went to Settings > Apps > Apps, then searched for and tapped HMS Core (APK). On the displayed page, I tapped the button in the upper right corner, and chose to uninstall the APK update. The operation failed. When I contacted Huawei technical support,

I was told that the problem was because…

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