Coding-free Integration of AppGallery Connect APM on Android Platform

1. HUAWEI AppGallery Connect APM

  • Collecting data about app launches, app screen rendering, network requests, and foreground/background activities automatically.
  • Monitoring ANR problems and recording relevant device information and log information when they occur.
  • Providing app performance data analysis reports for app optimizations.
  • Providing app performance data analysis reports for app optimizations.
  • Supporting custom traces to monitor app performance data in specific scenarios.
  • Easy integration: You can integrate APM for app performance analysis without any coding.
  • Real-time monitoring: It takes only 15 minutes to generate a report based on collected performance data.
  • Comprehensive metrics: APM illustrates an app’s performance in a myriad of dimensions such as app launches, ANR, screen rendering, and network requests, and also supports custom traces, indicators, and dimensions to provide a tailored report for your specific needs.

2. Integrating AppGallery Connect APM

2.1 Creating an App in AppGallery Connect and Enabling APM

2.2 Downloading and Adding the JSON File

2.3 Integrating the APM Plug-in and the APM SDK

2.4 Configuring the Obfuscation File

2.5 Packaging the App for Testing

3. Viewing Performance Data and ANR Data

3.1 Overview

3.2 App Analysis

3.3 ANR Analysis

3.4 Network Analysis

4. Summary




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