What Should I Do When My App Is Rejected Due to the Reported Error “serviceCatalog:X6” for Payments?


My app submitted for review was rejected by Huawei

because the “serviceCatalog:X6” error was discovered for payments. I have checked my test environment by referring to the guide: connected to Wi-Fi, used Android and EMUI versions complying with the specifications, and used the environment in English.
Handling suggestions: Change the value of serviceCatalog so it is the same as the app category, and do not use the X6 value for your app.


  • Check whether you have called the GetBuyIntentWithPrice API. If so, check the value of serviceCatalog based on this material.

Note: The GetBuyIntentWithPrice API has been brought offline, so this may not be the cause.

  • Check your enabled service APIs.

If you have not called the API, see this material to check your enabled services.

If your app is not a game, do not enable Game Service.

Note: It takes about 15 minutes for your enabling or disabling operations to take effect.

I then disabled Game Service and submitted my app for review, and my app was approved. I hope that this post is helpful to you.



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